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Thursday, March 14, 2013

This weeks vocabulary lesson: Budgy Smuggling

We've learned a lot of new words since we got to Australia. I can't believe how much the kids have soaked up. Sometimes Tyler gives me a whole sentence and he then has to explain it to me since I didn't understand him the first time.

This weeks lesson we thought was worth posting. When you hear the words budgie and smuggler you probably think of some combination of this cute little bird and an unsavoury type person who gets pulled into tertiary screening at the airport. Right?

Well here...not so much.

This is a Budgy Smuggler (trademarked by Speedo)

And this is a G rated picture that I found. From the front the name makes a lot more sense - but this is a family blog...

Yep, every day we learn something new!


  1. CAN YOU PLEASE BRING ME ONE BACK! Preferably a neon colour LOL! Those look amazing.

    Hope everything is going great!


  2. I think you need a password protected site just to show the non-G rated pic. Please! ;)


  3. p.s. yes I just figured out how to post a comment..... promise I have been reading religiously up to this point!