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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Back to the Beach!

Sunday brought us sunshine and beautiful 30 degree weather and we thought that the perfect place to enjoy it would be the beach!

Tyler was the first one to jump (ok, tiptoe) out into the ocean, and the first one to run back out deciding it was way too cold!

We picked the Dendy St. beach in Brighton for the day so that we could see the iconic "bathing boxes" along the beach. 

There are only 82 bathing boxes now, but records show that there may have been as many as 200 in the early 1900s. They have been relocated along the beach a number of times over the years, the last time being in 1934 when these remaining boxes were moved to a high water mark at Dendy St.  And they are expensive too! Some of the wealthiest citizens in Melbourne live in Brighton, and these bathing boxes (owned only by residents) sell for a minimum of $200,000 AUD. 

Every beach in Australia has a different type of sand. But it's all fun to play in, especially when you get to bury your brother or sister!

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