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Monday, December 23, 2013

Getting Ready for Christmas in the Sun

Getting into the Christmas spirit when it's 30 degrees outside is perhaps one of the oddest experiences we've had all year. That being said, waiting to see Santa without freezing your behind off is pretty awesome!

On one of the hottest days at the beginning of December we packed up our chairs and picnic rug and headed down to join about 1000 locals at the Knox City Carols by Candelight performance. The only event we could compare it too was Canada Day. We sat out in the sun all afternoon drinking, eating and dancing.  And singing carols by candlelight of course :) 

Hannah's dance troop from school even got to lead the whole crowd in a mini-flashmob!

One sunny Sunday in December we took the train into the city to shop at one of our favourite markets, only to discover the city was fully decorated for the Christmas season.

Amazing lights and decorations stretched across the streets and along the tram-lines.

In Christmas square there was heaps of fun to be had.

including a special post box only for letters to Santa

And a giant Christmas tree! Of course we had to get in on that!

Most impressive of all were the Myer department store windows. This years theme was a favourite of Hannah and Tylers, Gingerbread Friends. We walked past the 6 different window displays, each one more elaborate in it's creation than the last. I wasn't close enough to get a good picture, so here's one I borrowed from someone else. 

We have a "Christmas street" around the corner from us where nearly every house on the street is decked out with lights and decoration. So in true Aussie form we put on our thongs and headed out in our shorts to check out the displays. 

And we're just getting started, there's way more Christmas to come!

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