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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas in Australia

Christmas was a whole new experience for us this year. Away from Canada and on our own in the sunshine, we were free to make our holiday into an experience all our own. But where to start?

We let the kids take the lead on Christmas eve and asked them what they wanted to do. It was quickly decided that it was too cool for their first request - the beach, so second on their list was a trip back to Scienceworks to see the new exhibit "Think Ahead" full of futuristic fun and a few math puzzles too.  Christmas and maths all rolled in to one? Scott was totally on board with this one!

When we got home in the afternoon the sun was still shining and so the next request was to sit outside and pin their hats.  All year whenever we've travelled to a new city, seen a new attraction or tried something new and exciting we've picked up a hat pin for each of the kids to document the experience. We then took their school hats and went through the pins remembering all the incredible things we've done all year pinning them on along the way.  We really thought that most of the year would have been a bit of a blur for them, and we were amazed by how much they remembered, and reminded us old folks of the parts we'd forgotten! I'm told the hats are really too heavy to wear now, but they did agree to pose for a picture or two of these masterpieces.

And after all that we still had enough time for one last Christmas picture :) Thongs + sunnies = best Christmas ever!

It turns out that Christmas morning is exciting no matter where you wake up! And Santa always manages to find you!

Christmas Day brought us 30 degrees and sunshine, and the excitement of spending the day with our favourite Aussies was too exciting to keep us at home very long. So after some phone calls back to Canada, we got dressed up in our holiday best (minus the winter boots) and headed over to the Ruighavers for Christmas bbq lunch.

Oh yeah, it was definitely as good as it looks! Could you just imagine a turkey on here?!

Hannah's favourite part of the day was getting to be with her bestie on her 10th birthday.

We had the best day outside with our Aussie family who were sweet enough to invite us into their home for the day (and a few days after that too). Definitely holidays to remember.

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