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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Time to leave...again

Parts of getting ready to leave on exchange much easier the second time. For example, well...pretty much everything! From cleaning and decluttering to packing and getting to the airport,  it's much less stressful the second time round. We've done it all before.

Seeing my house empty is something that never fails to amaze me. Every drawer and closet is empty, every corner vacuumed and mopped. We've put all our personal things in storage. The house is bare and so different from what it looks like on a daily basis!

While some things are easier, some are just as difficult if not more. The most difficult is saying good-bye. It's still hard to leave behind our friends and family, but those who knew us before the first exchange and saw how changed we were afterwards understand how amazing this second opportunity is for our little family and support us all the way. Still it's hard.

So on the eve of our departure we had a great night out with our wonderful friends before heading out on the adventure of a lifetime...again.

We'll miss you all!

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