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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's Birthday Month!

I know, it's been a couple of weeks since I've blogged, but I was pretty sure that none of you wanted to hear about the mundane goings on of our daily life here! Which is exactly what life has been like for the last few weeks. Mundane and normal. It's a perfect existence and exactly what we've been looking for, and a pleasant consequence of our second year on exchange.

Part of the normal was of course birthday month for both of the little people.

First up was Miss Hannah making the jump from 10 to 11. She was lucky enough to celebrate the day with her Aussie bestie and later on in the week swing through the trees with the rest of her crew.

Her party was held at a trees adventure course. Literally her favourite activity in the world and getting to do it outdoors on her birthday in February I'm told was "epic"!


Hannah flying through the "easy course":

Also of cupcakes ever - rainbow cupcakes with rainbows on top made by our friend Sarah and the best gift ever - purple hightop converse. I'd say we can call this birthday a success!

Next up, Mr. Tyler turned 9.  This I was not prepared for at all. I'm quite honestly considering denying him the right to turn 10 next year!

So the best birthday ever theme continued with a party with 10 of his mates at a local sporting centre complete with a nerf battle!


And if that wasn't amazing enough, there were bubble sports too! This was seriously hilarious, I didn't even want to try it, watching it was entertainment enough!

Funniest video ever:

It all finished off with a family dinner birthday cake for the birthday boy.

And who can forget what I'm told is another best birthday gift ever...a quadcopter.

Best 11th birthday ever = ✔️
Best 9th birthday ever = ✔️

2 birthdays in the same week = 2 exhausted parents ✔️


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  2. Awesomely wicked! I want a cupcake. I'm sugar deprived currently and those look AMAZING!!!

    1. They were pretty cool, and required way more patience than I would have had!