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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New Zealand Part 3 (Queenstown)

Wednesday morning we left for Queenstown. We only made one lakeside scenery stop along the way. I loved the way the clouds were hanging around the mountains.

Rolling into Queenstown on a drizzly day wasn't so bad. It gave us time to plan our next couple of days and the kids time to get outside of the clown camper for some much needed playtime.

Hannah was terribly disappointed. She had had her heart set on bungy jumping for weeks leading up to our trip and turned out to be old enough 9 kg to light. Devastated was perhaps the better word, so much so that she had a very firm conversation with the girl who weighed her about how unfair the whole thing was! She's completely unconvinced, but we do keep reminding her that being little will work to her advantage one day!

And then we packed into the clown camper and got some much needed rest for our next big day!

First up, a drive up one of the worlds most dangerous roads to Skippers Canyon for some jet boating.  There were 2 choices, we could have driven a few minutes from our campsite to the river and taken a tour on the iconic original Shotover jet boat tour. For $4 extra we opted for a family run operation (the still live up on this crazy road!) and got the tour of our life through the mountains and a jet boat tour. Everything is so expensive and touristy in Queensland it was nice to be able to get a bit extra for our money.

It was a seriously crazy drive. I got a few shots but most of the time I was too afraid of rocking the van over the edge so you'll have to youtube it yourself!

There were some amazing views of Queenstown the higher up we got. That's one giant farm in the valley owned by one family.

We got all rugged up and had an amazing, high-flying, screaming fun jet boat ride on the Shotover River and through Skippers Canyon. 

Next on the itinerary, zip lining with Ziptrek Ecotours.  4 zip lines through the forest all along side 

Luging fun and it all happens beside this incredible view of Lake Wakatipu.

Scott and I got in a couple of rides with the kids and then sent them off on their own. 

A couple of treats were had along the way of course. 20 different varieties of jellybelly's and 4 of the famous Ferb Bakery's cream doughnuts.

It was a great day. Sadly no bungy jumping, but we did get another rainbow :)

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