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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Car Shopping

This is the car that Scott wanted:

This is the car we bought:

It's a 1998 Mazda 121. I can't believe I just bought a 15 year old car. Good grief - we just sold our 1999 Pathfinder for half of what I paid for this!

But this little car has lots of pep, lots of room for bags and a clean bill of health. And just in case a heavy duty 12 month warranty plan :)


  1. Thanks! It looks a bit like a minivan in this picture...but don't be fooled! The kids love it since they helped pick it out - but what I haven't told them is when it won't start they have to push it!

  2. The car you bought is close enough to what Scott wanted, although the first one is quite bigger. Though the car is already 15 years old, I think it’s still in perfect condition. The exterior still looks new. This is not a bad trade off to your 1999 Pathfinder. Congrats!

  3. I think this 1998 Mazda 121 is not a bad trade off for your 1999 Pathfinder. Looking at the photo, it doesn’t seem like a 15-year-old car at all. Its previous owner probably took good care of it. This is just perfect for a family like yours that has growing kids.

    >Kyle Schmidt