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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

First Day of School

It finally came - the first day of school. Hannah has been waiting all week for this. Tyler too, but I think it's interesting that my shy child has been counting down the days until she could go and meet some new friends.

Getting dressed in the morning has never been so easy. What do you think of these uniforms? I've never seen anything like them. Now imagine an entire playground of kids dressed like this! I have no idea how I'll find them at 3:30 this afternoon.

UPDATE: Around lunchtime I got a call from the school principal. All I could think was "which kid is broken...can I find the hospital?" Nope, both kids were great. Phew. The problem was that after some initial assessments this morning, Tyler who by age should be in year 1 is a bit behind in the curriculum. Apparently they were doing some writing about their summer and Tyler approached his teacher to tell her that he was just learning his letters and some words at home. She took his concern seriously and set some wheels in motion right away to have him assessed further. By noon I was getting the phone call asking if we would mind if he was moved back to the "Prep" class?

After some discussion and asking some questions about the Prep program I discovered that it's a mix of senior kindergarten and grade 1 from home. There are more kids Tyler's age there than in year 1 as many parents hold the kids that are younger back a year before they start school. He was treated like a star today, and I can only thank his teachers and the administration for discovering the problem before they had even gotten to lunchtime! I'm so impressed with this school already. So tomorrow is another first day for Tyler!

Hannah had a great day too, she posted some details of her day on her page.

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  1. Love the uniforms, especially the one on the big kid in the middle. Hope he had a good day too.