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Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Snowy" Sunday

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon today so we decided to go into the city to the market. So far we've been to the huge Queen Vic market in the city and the smaller but equally fantastic South Melbourne market so today we picked the Docklands market. 

Their website promised "a variety market in the heart of Melbourne's Docklands with arts and craft, vintage, ladies wear, plus sizes unique pieces of Jewelry, burbles, bangles and bright shiny beads, handmade soaps and natural body products, cards & wrapping, second hand books, and for the boys collectable model cars, kids face painting" It sounded exactly like what we were looking for. Too bad it turned out to be 5 stalls by the waterfront! I guess that summer is the better season for this particular market, so we'll try again in a few months. 

Luckily right around the corner is the Harbour Town Shopping Centre. A large outdoor shopping centre with heaps of outlet and specialty shops. Perfect. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and set to checking the place out. 

As we get closer to the centre we see one of these signs:

Snow play area? Well to Canadians this sounds like something we need to check out.  So we did...and we were a little surprised by what we found. 

Yep, you're not imagining things. That is a fenced off 10x10 sq ft patch of "snow" that kids are playing in.  I just had to take a picture... or 3 :)

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  1. Hey McEwens!

    Great updates. It's nice to follow you guys around throughout your adventure. And some of these pictures you're posting, especially the ones of your Winter Holidays, are spectacular! Keep 'em coming!