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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Toorongo Falls, Trestle Bridge and the Ada Tree

The start of term three brought a student free day at school for parent teacher interviews. With a day off we got together with some friends and headed out to see some of the amazing sites in our area.

First stop was the Ada Tree. The oldest tree in Victoria.  It's a whopping 270 years old, measuring 76 metres tall, 15 metres wide

The Noojee Trestle Bridge was our next stop. It's one of the only remaining wooden trestle bridges in Victoria. And it's a great place to climb!

On our way home we stopped to hike up to the Toorongo Falls and Amphitheatre Falls. I love that this is all practically in our backyard. 

The kids had a great day together, and the bonus...they slept the whole way home!

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