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Thursday, September 26, 2013

What we've been up to in September...

Once I got back from my visit home to Canada, the weather was getting nicer and we decided it was time to get back out there and see some more of Melbourne. 

Is it a spotted penguin or a tiny angry blonde Canadian in a halloween
costume? Nope, it's Hannah in her winter pyjamas! 
 Scienceworks is always fun, this time we spend more time in the construction zone and trying out the canoe.

 Father's Day was on June 1st, and it was the nicest weather we had in months. So out came the shorts and the gardening gloves.

Some of us got right into the getting dirty part of the day:

Others decided to ease into it!
I may have been sitting in the chair beside her :)
 It's been AFL finals time here and the kids had a Footy Colours day at school where they got to trade in their uniform for the colours of their favourite AFL team.

Hannah in her Carlton Blues and Tyler in Hawks yellow
and brown (yes the socks are an important part of the outfit!)
 There is a place out near the Melbourne Airport called Living Legends where racehorses go to retire and spend the rest of their days grazing amongst the rolling grassy hills.

There were also lots of trees to climb, and trails to follow. And although I didn't get a picture of them, heaps of kangaroos! 15 of them hopped across the road in front of us and I was so surprised I couldn't get my camera out in time!

 The horses were amazing, they had all won a minimum of 5 million over their career.

 Some were friendlier than others!

The end of school term brought three days of production. The school only puts together production every other year and the kids have been preparing and rehearsing for this literally all year.   Each grade does a musical number professionally choreographed and costumed for them. 

The preppies were all cavemen in a rendition of the Flintstones/Walk the Dinosaur, and the grade 3s were genies and astronauts as they brought I Dream of Jeannie/Major Tom to life.  As a member of the dance academy Hannah also had a ballet and a jazz number, so she was a tired girl and the end of each performance! 

Pictures and video weren't allowed in the theatre so all I got as a shot at home before costumes, but the school did take professional photos and video, so I'll post those when I get them. 

This was the first big stage performance for both kids and we were so proud of them. Hannah has never danced a day in her life and did the most amazing job. It was a great way to end the term. 

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