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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weekend in Melbourne

I've been so busy blogging about our trip to NZ that our every day lives got a bit put to the side.

This past weekend we had no commitments - no basketball, no activities, nothing, it almost never happens these days!

The kids wanted to check out the Jurassic World Exhibit at the Melbourne museum, so we made that Saturday's activity. We made our way into the city, found some lunch and a treat and headed over to the museum.

It was a bit pricey off the bat, $90 for the family and as such it lead to high expectations.

It starts off with a video in a room meant to feel like a ship as you're headed to the island of Jurassic World.

When you step through the doors onto the island you're greeted by this beauty:

The size of the animatronics totally catch you off guard. I mean you know that dinosaurs were huge, but when faced with one up close they're enormous!

As we made our way through the corridors we encountered many others. In the gentle giants "petting zoo" there was this little family.

From there you enter the genetics lab where the dinosaur DNA is extracted from mosquitoes frozen in amber. There were even incubating eggs and babies to check out.

Then it was time for the t-rex garden. The recording tells you that you'll be safe behind the barricades and that you're just in time for feeding time!

It was a lot of fun, it filled up an hour and a half as we took our time. And it included our entry into the museum for the day. There's always something interesting there to see.

After the biggest thunderstorm I've ever seen on Saturday night the weather was a bit spotty on Sunday so we headed to one of our favourite weekend hangouts - the South Melbourne Market.

I love this place, I can park nearby for free on weekends, it's all under cover if the weather is miserable, I can get all my fruits and veg, pick up a roast and steaks from the butchers and spend time walking through all the unique stalls before getting some of the best food I've found at a market.

That's a wrap. As quick as the weekend started it was over!

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