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Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Month of May

It's been a busy few weeks. Nothing too extraordinary to report, just life as usual.

Tyler is back at basketball only this time Scott is coaching. It certainly makes for an interesting experience for the 2 of them! But they both seem to be enjoying themselves. Their first three games have all been huge wins for the Falcons leaving them with a 3-0 record so far.

Here's a few pictures of him in action, he's #20, or you can find him by looking for his bright green shoes. 

This week Tyler got 4 points, it was definitely the game to be at!

We finally found a stable that was a good fit and Hannah has been riding all term. She's doing great and happy to be riding again. She doesn't have any desire to compete or show, she's just happy to be out there learning something new.

The other activity that takes up Hannah's time is the dance academy at school. The group has been lucky enough to be invited back for a third year to perform at the Victoria Life Education Gala Dinner which supports Victoria's Emergency Service partners and raises money to support school education programs to help keep children safe.

It was a very swanky affair held in a lovely hotel in the city. The kids have been working hard for months and it all paid off. They did amazing job.

And each kid was awarded a virtue award at school the past 2 weeks, Tyler for Courage and Hannah for Friendliness. Here is Hannah presenting the rest of the awards last week, and Tyler receiving his this week.

Scott has picked up a tutoring job a couple of nights a week and I've been doing some online course work that will hopefully come in handy when I go back to work next year.

We can honestly say that this year is flying, but we're having a lot fun while it flies by!

**Update, here's a clip of the cops and robbers portion of their dance when they performed for the school. Hannah's a robber...funny I always thought it would be Tyler who would be wearing strips  

Clip #2 from Nancy on Vimeo.

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