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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

An Innocent Hot Chocolate

This is a story about the day my experience with hot chocolate changed forever.

There is a little place in the hills called the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie (aka my happy place) that we were known to frequent on our last Aussie adventure.

Every August they hold a hot chocolate festival where each week they have 8 new specialty hot chocolates to try. Sounds cool, right? Well, that's where what started out as an innocent girls day trip turned into a whole other thing...

While looking through the menu trying to make up my mind, this one caught my attention:

A saucy caramel and honeycomb experience; indulge in caramel infused milk chocolate drizzled with caramel sauce, honeycomb pieces and served with a spoon of ice cream and a vanilla marshmallow. 

Otherwise known as : A Hot Gaytime

I was gobsmacked. Is this for real? Did it come with sequins? I still wanted one, even though I couldn't even order it out loud! Of course the jeering and crazy comments and jokes from my girlfriends didn't help

My goodness was it fabulous, but I clearly still didn't get the joke!

Later the next week, thanks to a friend, I discovered that a "gaytime" is an ice cream! All my girlfriends had grown up with it as a frozen treat and didn't see it as crazy as I did. No wonder they (and the poor girl who took my order via pointing) thought I was ridiculous! 

Of course now that I know it, I see them everywhere!
Undeterred by other potential crazy menu items, we took Scott the next week to celebrate his birthday. This weeks choices were much tamer, with french toast, choc-mint frog on a pond, and cookies and cream being as wild as we got!

It may have been tamer than my last visit, but the birthday boy appears to have enjoyed himself. :) 

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