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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The Windy City

Holy cow I'm really behind again! I feel like I'm always apologising, but I think a better way of seeing it is we're just all too busy with all our exciting activities to keep the blog updated!

Back in September and early October we had some wild weather. First South Australia got hit with the biggest storm they've seen in 50 years - winds were up to 140 km/h and were so severe that the entire state was in a black out for a number of days.

Next Victoria was hit. It was the strangest weather I've ever seen, the sort of thing we don't see in Canada regularly. Overall it had been a nice week, the wind picked up over the week which much to the kids dismay even with temps over 20 degrees they were often kept in at school. Wind here can be dangerous as branches break off of the crazy old gum trees and get tossed around in the wind.

By Sunday it was 24 degrees out, sunny, and stupid windy. By noon our power was out, and stayed out until the next day. We were lucky, plenty of people within walking distance of our place were without power for the better part of the week, there was also 1 death when a tree fell through a house and several others injured.  It wasn't hard to see why, trees were down everywhere. These are just a few pictures from our neighbourhood.

 Tyler found the silver lining...if no cars can get up the road then it must be safe to skateboard down!

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