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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Long Weekend in Paynesville

We were lucky enough to have a 4 day long weekend in early November so we packed our bags and headed out on one last short adventure up to the Gippslands Lakes area.  

We treated ourselves and stayed in a little resort named Captains Cove in Paynesville. It was a beautiful little area with the resort located along the the bay. 

The view from our deck was spectacular.

Did you know that Ottawa's black swans are descended from a pair of Australian Black swans that were received from a trade with the Montreal Zoo in 1974? Me either! We had quite a few that hung around the bay by our resort. We even found a next with 2 giant swan eggs in it under one of the docks. 

Even though the weather was warm and sunny, the water was still a bit chilly. That didn't stop the kids from chasing the waves at Lakes Entrance.

When the sun's out you can see why it's just a popular tourist location. It's beautiful with heaps of beaches.

We took a walk out onto the silt jetties in Eagle Point. The jetties are naturally formed narrow banks of silt that run for 7 kilometres.

Raymond's Island is just on the other side of the straight in Paynesville. Just a 2 minute ferry ride in fact. After some breakfast one morning we took the ferry over to walk around the island and do some koala spotting. We found 27 of the fuzzy critters in just over an hour.

These guys never get old. I'm also still constantly amazed at how grouchy they are. They look adorable, fuzzy and cuddly, but really they're angry little critters.

All too soon the weekend was over, how does 4 days fly by like that?!

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