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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Enchanted Mazes

The kids picked one of our first Saturday outings. I've recently been informed that shopping for a car, a cell phone and groceries is not any fun at all so only it seemed fair we go out and play.

They picked the Enchanted Mazes and Gardens at Arthurs Seat which is a gorgeous mountainside national park.

Since it was our first "trip" out of Melbourne and only an hour away, it was a good test for our little red car. So we packed up some snacks, made sure the GPS was charged and headed out.

There were gorgeous gardens and hedge work.
Sea Dragon

Some interesting places to stop and rest.
This one is for Aunt Danielle :)

 Tubing. Yep, no snow and no water but still just as much fun!

 And and obstacle course for the kids.

On our way down the mountain we came upon a lookout and got our first glimpse of the ocean since we arrived. It was pretty amazing to think we live so close to this now that we can come back next weekend again if we want.

View of Port Phillip Bay from Arthurs Seat on the Mornington Peninsula 

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