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Friday, August 12, 2016

2016 Ice Hockey Classic

I know, I know, I've been terrible at getting some posts up about what we've been up to. I'm afraid that we've settled so well into our Aussie life that what might be interesting to all of you is really just a part of our regularly scheduled life! Starting with this post, I'm attempting to catch up a bit.

Back in June, Scott and 7 of his friends headed into the city to catch the Canada vs. US hockey game. Now for us Canadians, simply saying hockey implies the one great sport we all know that is of course played on ice. However here, we refer to it as "ice" hockey so as to distinguish it from what we would call field hockey.

The boys headed into the city for what we assumed was going to be a raucous night.

First things first, Scott unpacks his giant Canadian flag and informs the person taking tickets that he himself is Canadian and has brought all his friends to the game. This immediately gets them moved from the last row of their section to the front row, centre. Honestly all that boy has to do is smile and he gets whatever he wants! Before he knew it the flags were going up and it was time for the national anthem. O Canada!

 Canada soundly trounced the US 8-2. Exactly as it should be!

I'm told there was no fighting, no crazy hard checks and no drunken fans got thrown out of the game, which by Canadian standards is mildly disappointing. They still look like that had a great time! 

And it wasn't near the late night we thought it would be! One of the wives was nice enough to go and pick up the whole crew in the city around 11:30 and by all accounts they were all up bright and early the next morning!

Also of note, in a truly Canadian move, Scott caught sight of a young Aussie fan at the game sporting a Vancouver Canucks jersey and gave him the flag as a souvenir! Who knows where that kid is keeping it now, it was a huge flag!

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