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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tyler the Rock Star

Tyler has been taking advantage of the in-school music lessons offered this year. He had a choice of piano, guitar or drums. Of course he chose the drums.

He absolutely loves it. Our friend found some spare drumsticks for him and a practice pad, and honestly, there is scarcely a moment he isn't practicing. Also at the same friends house is a set of electronic drums like he practices on a school. They got a great video of him one night a couple of weeks ago.

The mandatory instrument of years 3 and 4 here is the recorder (aka instrument of torture). Tyler had to start with the year 3's as he had never played before, but quickly moved through all that material and caught up with the year 4's.

There was a recorder concert during Friday assembly at school the other day and I was told I had to be there to watch him "rock the recorder" lol. Although he did fantastic and we were totally proud, as one parent put it, no one "rocks" the recorder unless they're using as a stick to hit someone or something!

For your viewing pleasure I've included 2 short clips of the concert. Believe me, you don't need the whole song to get the idea!

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