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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hannah goes to Canberra!

The first week of August was a week that Hannah had been looking forward to since before we even arrived in Australia! It was the week that all the 5/6 classes were headed to Canberra for a week on camp. No parents, just teachers and classmates. 

There were a few stressful moments in the weeks before camp as a gastro bug made it's way through the primary grades and up to the senior classes. I can't say that there weren't a whole heap of moments where I thought about just shutting her in her room for a few days before she left so that she wouldn't miss out. Instead she went to school under strict instructions so not touch anyone, let anyone touch her, no using the drinking fountains, no licking of anything, and of course the obsessive use of hand soap and hand sanitiser was completely sanctioned. Tyler was under similar instructions in an effort to get her off to camp happy and healthy.

The day came and started at stupid o'clock with a drop off time of 6:30am. That is one independent girl we have, she almost forgot to say good-bye to us before she got on the bus!

We only saw the one photo of her all week, so there were a few moments we thought she may have holed up at the high commission trying to work out her dual citizenship, but it turns out she was just super busy! In the few days they had they hit the Australian Institute of Sport, the National Gallery, Old Parliament House, the Royal Australian Mint, New Parliament House, Questacon, the Australian National War Memorial, CSIRO Discover and more....

Tyler would never admit to it, but as much as he enjoyed having us to himself all week, he did miss her. He took up the responsibility of keeping her left-behind guys company while she was away. It made for a rather crowded bed, but he took his job very seriously even read to them every night. This kid cracks me up!

Then before we knew it, the week was up and she was home, tired and a bit grimy, but home.

In just a couple weeks time it'll be Tyler's turn. He's not quite as independent so it'll be a great opportunity for him to check out the world without us. I may need kleenexes!

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