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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Breakfast, Dinner and Tea

Even my meals have different names here. Lunch is dinner and dinner is tea.

But breakfast is still breakfast. Or at least it would be if you could find it anywhere. It's hard to find and when you do find a place that serves it, it's ridiculously expensive! And the lack of maple syrup causes a bit of a problem. Like any good Canadian "maple flavoured" syrup is just not going to cut it. Good thing we packed a few cans to bring with us!

Bacon has continued to elude us though. All I'm looking for is bacon that isn't called "middle" bacon or "back" bacon. The closest I had found was a "rasher" of bacon. It would have been better off being called a "slab" of bacon. While I was trying to figure out how I could turn a rasher into strips in my kitchen I hit the jackpot.

I found streaky bacon. Yep, looks like the bacon at home. Except is cost me $4.00 for 200g. Yikes. 

But price didn't matter. My craving for bacon with my eggs and pancakes and syrup won out over practicality. There are about 8 strips in there. I hope I don't have to fight my kids for my fair share. Because I will. And I'll win!


  1. You never know what you`ll miss when you are away!! I don`t ever normally make bacon but after 3 months in Europe of seeing it NOWHERE (maybe they get it from fancy specialty butchers?) I finally saw it and I made pasta with bacon for like a week straight lol

  2. When we were in Africa, more years ago than I want to remember, we thought we had struck gold when we sat down in a tiny little restaurant and saw bacon and eggs on the menu. We were heartbroken when told when we ordered it that they had no bacon because it had been so long since anyone had asked for it. However the wonderful owner promised to get some for the next time we came in. Sure enough, she did, and we had bacon and eggs for supper (not breakfast, dinner or tea) at least once a week while we were in Senegal.