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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Roadtrip to Phillip Island

Our first overnight roadtrip was to Phillip Island, an island about a hour and a half southeast from us.

There we watched up close while the pelicans and the stingrays get fed by the local fishery.

Frankie the Pelican and a huge Stingray!

Then it was across the bridge to our first stop, Churchill Farms. Acres of farmland right on the ocean, and horses for Hannah. 

Later that night we headed to Phillip Island's main attraction, the penguin parade. Every night at sunset hundreds of little penguins gather in groups out in the ocean and then make their way up the beach to burrow in the hills. It was a long wait for the kids, but they were great. And seeing the penguins was amazing. After they come up the beach you can see them while you walk up the boardwalk. This was some of the best penguin viewing.  You could watch them back up until they found somewhere to stop for the night. Unfortunately pictures are not allowed, so here's a shot curtesy of the Phillip Island Website of what they look like.

This is just one group of hundreds that come out of the ocean over  an hour

Sunday morning was Tyler's birthday. His request? Koalas and mini-golf. So our first stop of the day was the Koala Conservation Centre. We saw quite a few very hot but super cute koalas hanging out in the trees.

With the afternoon upon us we still needed to get a round of mini-golf in before the day was done, so we headed for home looking for somewhere to play. Maru Animal Park was on our way and it just happens to have a large mini-golf course, so we pulled in.

Fittingly, Tyler got a hole in one!

And since it was an animal park as well, we checked out the residents and fed some kangaroos!

And the highlight, since it was Tyler's birthday the kids got an opportunity to get up close and snuggly with one of the koalas.

Dezzie the Koala
**I have to note though that while getting to be up close and personal with the koalas was very cool, we've 
recently learned that the koalas who interact with the public regularly have greatly reduced life spans 
due to the stress the interaction puts on them.  It's something to remember as we see many more animals on this trip.

We made it home with enough time for baths and birthday cake. I officially declare our first overnight trip a success.  

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  1. I'm so excited to see my first Nancy meets Kangaroo picture! Yay for the McEwens!