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Monday, February 25, 2013

Surfing in Inverlock, and a few more koalas

This week we were off to Inverlock with some of the other teachers on exchange. The weekend is organized by the volunteers with the International Teachers Association and we are billeted by other teachers who have previously been on exchange. 

We had a fantastic host family who live on 10 acres of farmland. The kids fed the chooks, went out and got eggs in the morning, caught yabbies, rode horses, tracked possums and wombats and played with the family dogs. 

There were lots of activities organized for us including a visit to Eagle's Nest and a scavenger hunt on the beach.
Eagles Nest

Another visit to Philip Island to see the koalas

And surf lessons on Sunday morning. Unfortunately the weather changed overnight and there wasn't any surf. Luckily our host family was good enough to loan us some boogie boards for the kids and took us down to surf beach to play in the smaller waves.

 Both kids looked pretty good in the shallows

And before long they were catching the waves!

This is a happy boy, I don't know how I'm going to get him home :)

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