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Friday, December 9, 2016

And all of the sudden it's December again

There are plenty of things going on that I have to blog about, but I need a moment.

I honestly don't know how it happened. Did I blink? Where on earth did 11 months go? I'm in denial, and nope I'm definitely not ready to face reality!

December brings sunshine and warm weather,  the end of the school year and the Christmas holidays. It also brings our year away to an end.

We thought it might be easier this time, we are after all more satisfied with the time we've spent with our friends and community. We didn't travel as much, instead making more time for bbq's, sleepovers, birthday parties, dancing, basketball, riding and of course each other. Is it greedy to say that it's still not enough?

And so we will continue to pack and clean and get organised for Christmas, but we're going to do it all while refusing to acknowledge the reality that is creeping up all too quickly. We're all happy now - in this moment - and we'll stay here as long as we can.

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