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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Junior Rotary Community Award

One of the many opportunities Hannah had this year was to participate in the Junior Rotary Community Award program. 

Only the grade 6's participate in the program as it is quite a bit of work requiring all participating students to complete the following:
  1. 20 hours of community service 
  2. 10 hours of physical recreation (over 10 weeks)
  3. 10 hours towards a new skill
  4. Attend and report on a community commemoration
  5. Attend and report on a arts performance
  6. Attend and report on a community meeting
  7. Participate in a religious experience
  8. Participate in a cultural experience

For her community service, Hannah got in touch with the RSPCA to find out what they needed donated to help out, produced a poster, handed out 180 posters in the neighbourhood over a month and delivered it all the the RSPCA.

She also learned to cook, laid a wreath at the local ANZAC day ceremony, interviewed a monk at Scott's school and attended another school's production and reviewed it, attended a community school parent's meeting, improved her equestrian skills, and learned about some other cultures at a local market. 

Finally she put it all together in the most amazing scrapbook to present to the local Rotary president and members. 

To say that we're proud of her is an understatement. Hannah always works hard, but extra projects are a bit out of her comfort zone and her time management skills could definitely use some work, lol. We hardly had to remind her at all to work on this project, she came up with the idea of the RSPCA and we were just transportation and printer ink. She had a little help from her teachers and some friends, but she got the whole project done with time to spare this term. 

31 kids started this project at the start of the year, only 12 finished it. They're all amazing kids and we were proud of all of them for their hard work.

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