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Friday, December 16, 2016

What a school Christmas concert looks like in the sunshine.

At home the annual Christmas concert is held in the school gym. The gym is full of parents and siblings, it's hot and it smells like wet winter jackets. It's not that I don't love taking the afternoon off to hear my kids sing a carol or two, it's just way better when it's a picnic after school outside in the sunshine!

After a visit and a picnic outside, the kids all gathered on the stands of the basketball court to treat us to a few carols. 

Tyler and the rest of the 3/4's serenaded us with "I Want a hippopotamus for Christmas". 

The 5/6's gave us a sassy version of "Rockin Around the Christmas Tree"

Yes, those are in fact the same sparkly santa costumes from Knox Carols a week ago! The dance academy gave us one more festive performance for the year. 

 It was a great evening out with all the great families of FTGNP, and best of all we were all home by 7!

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