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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Grade 6 Graduation (the Australian edition)

Hannah's entire school year built to this moment. There was nothing bigger to her than grade 6 graduation.  We had the dress, the shoes and mom and dad pitched in on the day to help decorate the hall. 

The teachers made these great posters of each kid. We used them to decorate the walls in the hall and the kids had the best time finding their poster and posing beside them.
Hannah was very specific when it came to what she wanted in a dress - it had to be blue, it had to have a twirly skirt and it had to be different than everyone else. a little online shopping solved that one, we found this super cute dress for a super reasonable price at a little online shop called One Sunday.

We only had about an hour to get ready after school, so into the shower she went and after a little blowdrying and primping, this beauty was ready to go.

The night had music, slideshows, and lovely speeches written by the kids about their friends.

Hannah's friend Indee nailed her speech about Hannah with comments about her accent, her short stature and how she always seems to be one snack away from being "hangry"!

Hannah wrote a great speech about her friend Kira. I'm always so proud of how well spoken she is! We can't figure out where she gets it from, but I always receive lovely comments about her when she has the opportunity to speak at the weekly assembly.

I got an honourable mention too! I was lucky enough to help hand out the LOTE (language other than english) award. I was lucky enough to be able to spend one day a week at school helping out the kids that had chosen French as the language they wanted to study this year. The award went to a lovely girl who worked hard all year with me and it was lovely to be able to watch her receive the award.

Earlier in the year Hannah came home commenting that she didn't have many family members to invite to graduation. So she invited the Ruighaver clan, they are our Aussie family after all.

Speeches were over, the awards given out and all the slideshows played. It was finally time for the parents to get out so that the party could start!

I was thoroughly impressed with the whole event. The incredibly hard-working 5/6 teachers and all the students made it all come together. Hannah had the night of her life with all of her friends, and we really enjoyed seeing all their hard work become a reality.

We couldn't be prouder of our little graduate. She has done so much over the years, in particular the way she has handled 2 years abroad without batting an eye, and all the amazing leadership opportunities she had taken on this year. She's more confident than ever, well-spoken, incredibly responsible and a great leader. She's amazing funny and sassy little superstar and we can't wait to see what she does next!

Just a couple of days of school are left, and then it's off to high school and year 7 for this class of 2016. We wish them well, they are all amazing, and we can't wait to see what they are all up to in another 3 years! #gullylyf

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